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Digital Marketing


How Do you Engage Potential Customers And Clients? How do you optimize social media pages to ensure they're easy to find and quick to hook people into liking following your? How are you using social media to enhance content marketing effort? How Do You Interact with Reporter Who cover your industry? These are some of the question we ask our social media team each week, and we include the answer with the reports we send client each month.


Wonder why one's liking your status updates? well ,it takes a lot of work to builds social media relationships, and as business owner you probably don't have the time to maintain them. As part of social media marketing services, well make sure your always look clean, relevant and professional. Journalist s, for example often check out Facebook pages as they decide whether to cover a person or business. If the cover photo is blurry or there are too many links on the page ,it makes a bad impression. So creating a good image and building a strong relationship.


We don't just send out a few links to your website and call it a day, because that isn't effective. Instead we get into real time conversations that will make your twitter account stand out among your competitors. We even monitor the twitter verse to see who's talking about the kinds of products or services that you offer, and then we send messages to introduce those tweeps to your company(preferably with a coupon code to incentivize a purchase)


If nothing else, this is a must SEO. Google prioritize sites that are active GOOGLE in their search algorithm. Well add the right people to your page(be honest ,it's been forever since you've done it)and come up with super cool concepts for Google hangouts.


You want to hit the market with a bang, so you want to be everywhere on social media FACEBOOK,TWITTER,YOUTUBE,INSTAGRAM ETC..We can put you everywhere, but would that make sense to your brand. Being at the right time makes sense and that's what we at TECINDIA DIGI SOLUTIONS believe in when it comes to a social media marketing plan we help brands connect the right dots for optimized. Social media marketing and optimisation has boomed in last few years. Your company can now embrace this highly effective channel to promote your brand and interact with your sites visibility on Google search results. Whether you are a blue chip organisation or local business, TECINDIA DIGI SOLUTIONS will help create a bespoke social media campaign that will generate brand awareness and in some cases sales for your business Our team worked with companies to increase their social media traffic and engage their audience through essential and effective social marketing campaigns. TECINDIA DIGI SOLUTIONS create bespoke social media campaigns based on the goals of each individual company; these can include competitions status updates, videos, polls, games, interactive sites and more.

Social Media

Connect with your customers through our proven social media strategies.
Social media marketing and optimisation has boomed in the last few years. Your company can now embrace this highly effective channel to promote your brand and interact with your customers. Using sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter plus creating informative blogs will further increase your sites visibility on Google’s search results. Whether you are a blue chip organisation or local business, tecindia will help create a bespoke social media campaign that will generate brand awareness and in some cases.

Display Advertising

We can help your business get noticed through our display advertising campaigns.
Display marketing is a great channel to grow your online exposure and increase brand awareness by placing banner images/ videos/textual adverts/ onto relevant websites. Display marketing has 2 common pricing models, Cost per click (CPC) and Cost per thousand impressions (CPM). There are millions of websites accepting advertisements, but finding the best sites for your brand and managing the placements requires experience and expertise.Additionally we offer online display strategy planning .


Reach out to a wider audience through our tailor-made SEO strategies.
SEO or natural search optimisation delivers measurable results that increase website traffic and online revenues.At techindia we offer more than just SEO consultancy, our professional SEO consultants start from the bottom up, working through your websites technical infrastructure, enhancing its content and applying outreach strategies to deliver your company the best results possible.To view one of our SEO case studies and read how we helped a client to increase both their traffic and sales.Fancy a chat.


Our experts can help train you and your team to manage and execute successful digital marketing campaigns.
We think digital marketing is wonderful and we also understand how important learning is. Our digital marketing trainers have trained many organisations over the years.Digital marketing is constantly evolving which is why we offer an impressive range of the latest training courses to accommodate your every digital marketing training need. This includes social media training, SEO, Google Adwords, email Campaigns, Biddable Media such as Facebook Ads, Display and Behaviour Retargeting Ads and much much more.

Conversion Optimisation

We make sure your website is turning traffic into business as often as possible.
Conversion optimisation or conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the method of creating an experience for a website or landing page visitor with the goal of increasing the percentage of visitors that convert into customers. Increasing conversion rates is key for any website to outperform its competitors.Conversion rate optimization is the process of increasing website leads and sales without spending money on attracting more visitors. Our test methods will enable you to monitor which headlines, images and content help one convert more visitors.

Web Analytics

Get an insight into how the people that visit your website behave and how to make your website more profitable.
The brain behind all online marketing services, a good web analytics package informs you to actions on your website and provides you with insights in to your key performance indicators. By means of our web analytics service we will constantly monitor your website’s usage and traffic. We can tell you what problems you’re having, on what pages something goes wrong, why it happens and how it can be solved.We will monitor and analyse user behaviour on your site, monitoring your sales funnel .